Small Plates

Creamy Tomato Blue Soup crouton

Marley Bread mozzarella/garlic/dipping sauce

Hand Cut Fries malt vinegar

Southern Fried Okra remoulade

Bruschetta toasts/tomato/mozzarella/pesto/balsamic

Fish Spread house made pickles/toasts

Rock Shrimp remoulade/sweet chili

Beet Medley candy cane, golden, red/green goddess/candied nuts/dried cranberries/arugula/picked egg/pepitas/dill

Caprese Board tomatoes/mozzarella ciliegine/basil pesto/arugula/balsamic drizzle/picked red onions/roasted red peppers


Central bacon/tomato/dried cranberries/seasonal fruit or citrus/candied nuts/greens/vinaigrette

Caesar greens/radicchio/fennel/celery/dill/mint/croutons/parmesan

Classic greens/asparagus/hard egg/olives/tomato/crouton/onion/blue cheese dressing

Chicken Salad greens/tomato/seasonal berries/seasonal citrus/candied nuts/vinaigrette

Gulf Coast greens/chilled shrimp/asparagus/bacon/tomato/hard egg/bc crumbles & dressing/sprouts

Mediterranean greens/zucchini/portobello/artichoke/tomato/roasted pepper/parmesan/asparagus/olives/vinaigrette

Add ahi tuna 7/shrimp 6/chicken salad 4/grilled chicken 5 


Feature Pizza of the Day

Margherita fresh mozzarella/tomato sauce/basil

Shrimp artichoke hearts/pesto/mozzarella

B.T.A. bacon/tomato/arugula/pesto/mozzarella/balsamic

Portobello Mushroom fresh mozzarella/tomato sauce/portobello/red onion

Charcuterie ham/salami/pepperoni/bacon/tomato sauce/mozzarella


Burgers are grilled medium well (some pink) Angus Sirloin Steak Burger/brioche bun served with fries, greens or apple slaw.

Naked no bun, no cheese


Jalapeno Swiss

Bacon/Blue or Swiss



house baked long roll, fries, greens or apple slaw (add 2.5)

Shrimp Po Boy lettuce/picked chili remoulade/paprika aioli/house pickles

Californication grilled rare ahi tuna/bacon/lettuce/sprouts/soy sesame sauce/wasabi cream

Hot Ham & Swiss tomato/lettuce/dijonaise

Italiano ham/salami/pepperoni/onion/roasted peppers/mozzarella/lettuce/tomato/vinaigrette

Chicken Salad bacon/lettuce/tomato

French American bacon/lettuce/tomato/brie

Totally Veggie zucchini/tomato/asparagus/portobello/roasted peppers/sprouts/artichoke/mozzarella/vinaigrette


shaved cabbage/baja sauce/tomato salsa

served with fries, greens, or apple slaw.

Rock Shrimp lightly breaded/chili sauce/picked chili

Central Style Braised Pork pickled chili/red onion

Ahi Tuna Tacos grilled rare/wasabi cream


Lump Blue Crab Cake fries/tangle/remoulade

Pepper Crusted Ahi Tuna fries/tangle/soy sesame sauce/wasabi cream/seaweed salad

Chef’s Catch served with Chef’s veg

Today, September 27, 2021, we are open for lunch only from 11-2pm.

Address 906 Manatee Avenue East. Bradenton, Florida 34208.
Phone (941) 757-0050.